Extracts from our menu

On our menu you will find classic dishes of the West Pomeranian bourgeoisie as well as newly interpreted classics of Rügen food culture. Whether it be pickled, fruity or creamy, we offer a very distinctive taste experience. Seasonal as well as regional, simple and yet modern.


  • Threefold dish from duck
    smoked, pickled & roasted breast of duck, duck fat with onion bread

Delicious soups

  • Binz fish soup
    with fine cubes of salmon and coalfish and tender vegetables

from our fish dishes

  • Binz  mixed fish
    fried filets of codfish, salmon and coalfish with prawns, summer vegetables served with tomato sauce, roast potatoes and lemon butter

  • Whole sea bass
    fried golden brown in butter, covered with lemon juice and parsley butter, sauté potatoes and mixed salad.

  • Housewife style Matjes
    with remoulade sauce and roast potatoes.

  • Coalfish filet
    gratinated with an almond crust, dried fruit savoy cabbage and mashed potato.

  • Fried cod
    with Hiddensee beetroot vegetables and apple sauce.

Meat & more from pot and pan

  • Roasted corn chicken breast
    with sea buckthorn mango sauce, lukewarm cranberry apple purée and rice.

  • Poached pork fillet
    with spicy thyme and vegetable-pearl barley.

  • Pork schnitzel
    with fresh salad and chips.

  • Filled beef roulade
    with blueberry red cabbage and boiled potatoes.

  • Baked Camembert
    with cranberry purée and fruity pear-pearl barley.

Something sweet to follow

  • Pomeranian pudding
    with pumpernickel, vanilla ice-cream and cream.

    Cake, mousse, cream and ice cream.

  • Threefold dish
    from sea-buckthorn.